Goodbye 2009

The past year was an odd and difficult year. It was a year of hope and changes. Some of those changes were on the right track but many have yet to show any signs of fruition.

Below is my summary of 2009 for me and so many people around the globe. Below my poem is a photo of one of the Gerber daisies that I gave my Mom just before she passed.

I will not miss 2009
For what it took from me and mine

The year that stole the near and dear
A year of hope yet filled with fear

2009 cost many so much
Lives and money- still in war’s deadly clutch

May 2010 bring back this planet
Calm the burning fire and not just fan it

Ease the torment and quell the world’s suffering
Protect the planet and give it a buffering

May we see peace and a coming together
Care for our people, the animals, Nature and weather

Without change all we are left with is hope
As our world changes it gets harder to cope

Only time will tell just what is our future
Will our wounds heal and close up the suture?

–Karl Robb Jan. 2010

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  1. I’m very touched by your 2009 poem. The words are so profound and moving. The picture of the daisy is just breathtaking. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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