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And So It Goes

It’s over–at least for this year! My beloved North Carolina Tarheels run for the NCAA Basketball Championship title for 2012 has ended with a crushing defeat from the young men of Kansas. Don’t worry about me–with years of basketball counseling, behavior modification, and heavy drinking, I will overcome this loss!

I have returned to the living and March Madness has ended for me. In spite of the Final Four still well ahead for the remaining teams, my interest is only in passing as I have no alliance to any of the contenders. Not to say that I won’t take a peak at any of the remaining games, I just don’t have any strong feelings one way or the other. I have broken free of the basketball tether to which I  was entangled. I have returned from the dizzying world of the almighty bracket, once again.

The sun is shining. There is actually a world outside of my television screen–what do you know?

NCAA College Basketball Tournament Delays Blog

March Madness is a dizzying joyful , yet harried time for me. A noticeable amount of productivity is lost during  the month of March each year due to committed college basketball fans everywhere.

I am one of those committed fans. I will be posting this month–just not as frequently. In April, Parkinson’s Awareness Month, I am excited to announce my release of my interview with Davis Phinney. I hope to continue with more interviews in the near future. Go Tarheels!

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