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American Eye Dull

Creativity in television is dead! Our cable is littered with reality tv, much of it borrowed or purloined from the British. One would think that the creative teams from Discovery and the likes would come up with an original jewel that would set the United States apart.

As an inventor and someone who believes creativity and ingenuity should be rewarded and praised, I am embarrassed and repulsed by The Shark Tank, an ABC Americanized rip-off of Britain’s BBC show, The Dragon’s Den. While the Den wasn’t always understanding or willing to listen to the inventor’s vision as he or she saw it, our US aberration is everything an invention show shouldn’t be. The pompous know-it-all panel of judges are eager to insult, berate, and demean creative, educated, lucid, innovators and visionaries –just what made our country the great leader that it once used to be. Rather than ridicule and attempt to beat these people down to make them look bad, wouldn’t it be refreshing and uplifting to actually produce an invention show that inspires and rewards real honest and novel ingenuity? What a novel thought–to actually encourage a novel and different idea.

That’s where I come in. As one who is a self-appointed trend watcher and an observer of media in our culture, I have seen a huge reduction in any smart content and thoughtful viewing. Let’s consider these for next season:

Shooting Stars- We are bombarded by local and national media with frivolous and pointless observations about people we really shouldn’t care about or have any connection. In reality, the celebrity that seems to dominate our news craves the spotlight and receives press for the most minor and pointless of achievements. In this new exciting show, we encourage B class actors to play the role of the target. Similar to Top Shot, but we use celebrities as moving targets. Why tire them out dancing?

Hoarding With The Stars- See the glamour and glitz of the crowded overflowing filth encrusted homes of your idols. See your favorite star possessed by his or her possessions. It’s real wholesome reality television for the entire family.

Celebrity Death Cab – By combining our inexplicable obsession for 2 dimensional celebrities who have nothing of substance to say, our love affair with the contemplation of the inevitable progression of death, and mind boggling but whimsically cute trivia, comes a truly addictive show. Each week, a “celeb” or someone claiming to be one, like someone with an obsession for fame and fortune, takes a ride in our modified cab of death as they are bombarded with rounds of questions. If knowledge should prevail, his or her favorite charity benefits and if the contestant should prove unworthy, the Death Cab wins.

Long live fresh and wholesome programming ideas to entertain and educate our public, but especially today’s youth. Enough said.

My Zelapar Follow Up

To my few but loyal followers, I apologize for the brief hiatus that I have taken in keeping my blog up to date. I am publicly making my declaration that I will try to commit more time to keeping this space current and relatively entertaining. I ask only this, of you the reader, if you think this, my blog, to be of worth, that you pass it on to a friend, a collegue, or even just someone that you feel a need to get back at–well, okay that might be a little cruel and unusual punishment. 

I realize that I never got back to you, my friends, what the final outcome was from my nightmare account with Zelapar, a drug that I only took for 3 days but stayed in my bloodstrem for over 21 days. If you missed my saga with this drug, just check out my earlier postings to learn how this drug dragged me through the proverbial ringer.

At this time, I think that I can honestly conclude that I have no residual side effects or known damage from my stint with Zelapar. Yes, it caused weeks of frustration, weeks of aggravation,  and much more dyskinesia than I am normally accustomed to, but in the end, I came out alright. As best as I can tell, I seem no worse for wear.

I can’t say it enough: Every PD patient is different and every med is going to help, do nothing, or challenge him or her.  If I can offer any advice, from personal experience and not from a medical perspective, the patient can best serve themself if he or she monitors his or her condition closely as to best be aware of any encroaching side effects or changes in condition. What works for some may not work for all–it’s just that simple with this disease–at least from where I sit.

No thanks to the makers of Zelapar or the FDA, both with whom I filed concrns with, only to be lost in the vapor. No follow-up call, email, or contact of any kind. I would think that there would interest by someone in one of these large institutions that actually give a damn–but no! Then today, this piece of news slippped below my radar:

Aug 20 (Reuters) – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Friday it will examine the potential heart risks of Novartis AG’s (NOVN.VX) Parkinson’s drug Stalevo, a combination of two treatments for the debilitating brain disease.

I am not on Stalevo but I have many friends who are taking this drug. I encourage you to keep up with the constant flurry of PD data, breakthroughs,and warnings through the power of Google and the web, whether you are on Stalevo or not. If you are on Stalevo, I would suggest that you closely monitor the outcome and keep in touch with your Neurologist about where this goes.  Remember, that’s just my humble opinion and not medical advice.

Let me know what you think and please subscribe to my blog. Thanks!

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