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“Let It Go” – Reprise

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Clinging on to that which does not serve us only weighs us down. Rather than control our emotions, if not monitored closely, they may control us. I have seen anger and resentment consume the strongest of men and seen it bring them to their knees. I have seen a quick temper ruin friendships as well as careers. I have seen jealousy and greed destroy the trust of what appeared to be the most solid of marriages. Retaining negative emotions can do nothing positive. Why do we hold what we don’t need?

If you can make yourself sick, can you make yourself well? How often did your parents tell you that you were going to make yourself sick because of worry? Whether it was guilt, worry, anger, hate, anticipation, anxiety, or some other emotion, maybe we have the same ability to make ourselves well, if not better! We probably didn’t get ill overnight, so it is unlikely to think that we will get well overnight.

Letting go takes practice, discipline, and intuition. It takes timing. Knowing what to keep and what to release sometimes takes a leap of faith into the unknown. It requires bravery and will.

Not everyone is prepared to or immediately willing to release years of pent up anger, bitterness, hurt, or bad memories. Some of us are better than others at avoiding confrontation, forgetting our pasts, and discarding the regrets and losses of of our lives. Depending upon the severity of our emotional challenges, professional counsel may be required to realize what is necessary to move forward. I have little doubt that our emotions have a direct connection to entire body’s well-being.

Remember to let go of what you don’t need or just what doesn’t benefit you. That’s what I’m hoping to do.

–Reprise January 2012 – re-edited 2017



Keeping Positive!

Keep Positive!

Keep Positive!

Getting Better

After my long history with Parkinson’s disease, I am amazed and overjoyed that I have had the ability to consistently improve and show signs of getting better.  I won’t tell you that there weren’t dips in the road as some of life’s roadblocks hit me and my progress deviated briefly, but part of staying focused on one’s own healing is to stay open and flexible in mind and body. 

I’ve had this illness at least 25 years of my 45 total years, so I don’t expect to get well overnight. My expectations are realistic. My body can only heal so fast. It took me awhile to get sick and it’ll take some time to get well.

Recently, a major network, I won’t say which, it begins with a “C” and ends in an “S”, did a story that I found incomplete, poorly researched, and all-in-all, just plain wrong. The story was that a positive attitude did not make a difference when dealing with major illness. Their argument was that modern science has proven that there is no basis for positive thinking to be either a deterrent nor a cure for sickness. I say it is rubbish. I know people who are better off and showing improvement  because they maintain a positive attitude. I am living proof . I think the producers failed to thoroughly research this issue as fully as they should have.

Even if science has shown that a positive attitude isn’t beneficial in fighting illness, which I know is false, who are they to try and dash the hopes of millions of people clinging to the hope of improving their condition? Maybe, just maybe, some reports and supposed news ought best be kept quiet.  On top of all the negative reporting that the news brings us, who in knowing this report does it really help? I, for one, am staying positive, because it works.

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