Who has Control

Do We Have Control?

Blaze in a French Fry hat
Do we have control?

Why is it that your dog or cat strategically gets sick on your very best rug? Why does buttered bread always fall messy side down? Are the clean-up gods out to get us? Am I paranoid or making a mountain out of a mole hill? Of course, I am!

Our animals are going to make some unpopular choices and some unwanted bodily releases in our home. You are going to have to accept that they too may feel under the weather, just like you. As for bread and gravity, don’t compete with that kind of power.

The sooner that you learn to accept that items get broken, torn, mussed, dirtied, trampled, beaten, eaten, and peed on, the sooner that your stress and blood pressure may come back down. Today, accept that you are not in control and that the few things that you think that you have control of are enough. The only part of our life that we truly have some control of is how we react and treat others. Our emotions and attitudes are the closest thing that we might have to control, with some work on ourselves.