Yes, And…For Life with Dr. Robert Cochrane – Tuesday September 12 at 10am ET

Join me on Tuesday, September 12, 2023 at 10 AM EST (9am CT/8am MT/ 7am PT) for a live online presentation by Dr. Robert Cochrane, PhD discussing Yes, And…For Life! hosted by the Parkinson Social Network. To register for for this free virtual (Zoom) event with Dr. Cochrane, visit this registration page

Dr. Robert Cochrane headshot 2023
Courtesy: Dr. Robert Cochrane

Robert has developed evidence-based classes using improvisation and storytelling to improve quality of life measures, including confidence, creativity and communication. The classes are carefully designed safe and brave spaces for people with PD, care partners and family and friends to play, explore and leave feeling better than when they came in.

Dr. Cochrane discovered the benefits of improvisation or improv and how it helps with symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. As a frequent participant in these classes, I can verify that I have seen positive results come from these exercises. The positive environment created amongst the group is very welcoming and the exercises either expand your creativity or teach you a different perspective that works your brain. Everyone should try improv, at least once. Robert is also a Actor/Award Winning Filmmaker/Researcher/ Caregiver and Advocate/Teacher/Lecturer who has created 4 films on Parkinson’s disease (Boys of Summer) and about his father with Parkinson’s disease and their connection to baseball. The films are heartwarming. 

For more information about Dr. Cochrane’s classes, visit his website at  You might enjoy reading my recently published article about my experience with improv, that includes Dr. Cochrane’s classes.

To register for for this virtual (Zoom) event with Dr. Cochrane, visit this registration page

About Dr. Robert Cochrane – Robert Cochrane is a graduate of UNLV’s Integrated Health Sciences department. He’s researching the effect of improvisation and storytelling on Parkinson’s disease. He received grants from the Parkinson’s Foundation and support from the Davis Phinney Foundation along the way. He is a popular, unique and high energy Keynote speaker, bringing joy, optimism and practical tools for people in the PD community to thrive today. He has a background in filmmaking, with the Artisan Entertainment release, The Playaz Court, and two Stephen King-based short films among his credits. His father, Dan, was diagnosed with PD in 2001, which shifted Robert’s artistic lens to health. He made his first documentary, the award-winning Boys of Summer in 2004. There are two follow up films in the series with the fourth film coming in 2023. He moved his family back to Walnut Creek, CA, where he grew up. He lives there with his beautiful wife, two teenagers who are, indeed, “all that” and is a proud care partner for his amazing parents. For more information, visit his website at

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