Join me today 2/16 Sunday Connections with guest Reiki Master Megumi Abiko

I hope you can join me today for this exciting event!

Join Karl and Angela Robb this Sunday at 5pm EST/2pm PST  as they host Sunday Connections with guest Megumi Abiko, Reiki Master Teacher of Reiki Jin Kei Do.

Here is Megumi’s bio:  Having gone through a spinal injury and being told my prognosis was being paraplegic was a HUGE wakeup call!  I was fortunate to have a friend who introduced me to essential oils that stopped the swelling in my spine so that I regained full mobility! With that experience, it fired my interest to learn more about Holistic health. Each day I realize how powerful Essential Oils and Reiki is in my life!  Through my practice, I’ve seen firsthand how the combination of the modalities can benefit all aspects of your life: Mental (behavior modification, stress management, emotional release, depression), Physical (backaches, allergies, and other diseases) and spiritual. I feel lucky to have been taught great gifts to add to my tool box that will help me, help others, become empowered one person at a time.

You can submit questions online ahead of the event by using this link: .  Click the “Ask a Question” link and complete the information in the box that appears below the button.

Here’s the Link for listening online for Sunday Connections. Listeners online can listen to the live event and can submit questions.

Or if you would like to call in, in which you can ask the hosts and guest questions live and listen to the event.

Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100
Secondary dial in number: (323) 476-3997
Guest pin code: 200414#

About Angela Robb

Angela Robb is wife and carepartner for her husband, Karl, who has young onset Parkinson's disease (PD). Angela is an advocate who speaks and writes about caregiver issues. She currently shares her experiences as a Community Team Member for and contributor to In 2015, she was honored as a White House Champion of Change in Parkinson’s Disease. She has spoken about caregiving at the 3rd World Parkinson Congress (Montréal), Davis Phinney Foundation Victory Summit (Richmond & Charlotte), Partners in Parkinson's (DC), National Parkinson Foundation Young Onset Parkinson Network conferences, and various regional PD conferences. She has written on the topic of caregiver self-care for the Davis Phinney Foundation's Every Victory Counts manual. Angela is committed to giving back to her community through her non-profit works. She is a board member of the Parkinson Voice Project and Parkinson Social Network. Previously, she was a volunteer and board member of the Parkinson Foundation of the National Capital Area. For the last 23 years, she has been on a journey with Reiki – to help herself and to help others. Certified as a Reiki Master in 2012, Angela always remarks that, “You are never truly a Master of Reiki – it is always teaching you new ways to look at life.” Before working within the Parkinson’s community, she worked for AOL (America Online) for five years. She started as a technical support representative fielding calls from AOL members. She eventually transferred to working for the following AOL channels as a publisher/publishing project coordinator: Computing, Health, Sports, and Lifestyles. Angela left the corporate world in 2000 to join Karl in his entrepreneurial quests. Their first venture was, a website representing small premium chocolate manufacturers. The next venture was TrueTip, which developed stylus products for touchscreen devices. In 2011, she and Karl founded RobbWorks, a publishing company which has published two books; A Soft Voice in a Noisy World: A Guide to Dealing and Healing with Parkinson’s Disease (2012) and Dealing and Healing with Parkinson’s Disease and Other Health Conditions: A Workbook for Body, Mind and Spirit (2016). She has a B.A. in Political Science/Public Policy from West Virginia University.

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